DIY works.

The weird thing about doing things DIY is that it can never be about just doing it yourself.  

We try and do what we do, in a way that means we don't lose control of what comes out of the process. Try and make sure its done right and the least harm and most good stuff comes out of the time, energy and graft that goes in.  Common sense eh?  But we can't just do it ourselves, unless "ourselves" includes loads of other people.  All of us depend on each other and a massive network of support to make it work.  This community is always evolving and technology has changed how it works, but it remains as strong and diverse and amazing and occasionally frustrating as it ever was.  Looking back to a mythical good old days is pointless, what happens next and how we use this to support each other will become more important.  Music is one tiny part of this, but by collaborating with others to put on gigs, release tunes, organise benefits / tours / help other bands and people out we learn allot about trust communication and what can be possible.  Everything good we do emerges from this.  Scenious (Brian Eno).

Thank you to the everyone who makes the effort, who comes out to gigs, the Zines, Radio stations, gig putter-oners, cleaners and shit workers who make events possible, the writers, bloggers, ace bands and shit bands, and folk who defy classification.  The list of names is way too many, and would almost certainly miss out important folk.  But we know who you are and that keeps us on trying to do the best we can with our flaws and quirks.  Diolch yn fawr x 

Some recent radio shows worth checking out:




LP is let loose

Thank you for your patience.  the MWSTARD! cloc album is available for download or as a CD from band camp     Will be available direct from us as well at gigs, local record shops, or bung as an email at  and we'll sort you out.  

We've put allot of effort into trying to make something positive happen.  Its happened through the collective effort of allot of people and the support of many more.  Even though this is one small thing thrown out there into a world with all sorts of horrors going on, it shows amazing things can happen when we work together to defy the bullshit.  More of that sort of thing.  Love to yous all

Its undeniable that we are rubbish at this.

So, lots been going on. We've been away from here quite allot, sometime playing in a field, sometimes ranting about the insanity of the way those in power are carrying on.  But in and amongst this we're trying to make some positive things happen, including finishing off the last bits on the LP, getting it mastered and out there.  For those that have been waiting patiently, thanks / sorry.  We are slow, not loaded and trying to do it right, do it ourselves and not compromise or resort to crowd funding.  Not far off now.

We had the best time playing a couple of gigs with the mighty Bratakus , Jer playing with us and Sned leading the trash kit urchins playing along.  The love of good friends is powerful as fuck.


Vague plans

Cracking gig on Friday at The Cellar Bar in Cardigan.  Hogweeds and the ever fantastic Tits Up!  Their LP should be out soon, get your piggy banks out (Steady David, not you).

Some upcoming gigs:

Thurs 19th May Full Moon Cardiff with Nightingales and Ted.  I know, its all too much.

Late May, maybe a gig or 2 UP North.  TBC

June, sometime, The Parrot Carmarthen with a proper exciting band (TBC)

July 2nd Degeneration Fest, with loads of other bands including The Mob!! Telford

Looking for a gig Aber / Mach area on the way up to Telford on Fri 1st July if you know of anywhere we might be able to play, give us a shout.  Ta.

August, playing in a field out West.

An LP launch will happen, somewhere, sometime. 

If you know of any other events / benefits you think we'd fit with / upset everyone, give us a shout.  Always up for playing if we can, especially if its a benefit / or sommat out of the ordinary.

So the powers that be have been caught out again.  Who'd have thought the elite were corrupt, hypocritical, selfish deceivers?  Little wonder their usual blame culture tactics aren't working so well.  We are in for interesting times one way or another for sure.  Again Paris seems to be where people are experimenting with freedom  

Spaceheads and Howie Reeve mini tour

Spending time with good people is a recharge we needed after a long haul through shitty dark wet storm blasted weeks.  Getting to gig with magicians who can transform the world for a few hours is a privilege.

Howie manages to draw you in to his world with cracking banter, vivid imagery and a mix of harmonics and resonance that relieves you of the need to notice where you are, or anything else outside the gathering.  Clustered around these moments of compassion, tragedy, oddness and joy we are still.  The skill and courage to create this is hard earned from years of gigging ceaselessly.  He is a master.  Go and be part of it if you get the chance.

Spacehead's achieve the transforming of wet February night into a wonderland with the wizardry of Rucksack cinema.  Much from little. Richard and Andy are 2 of the best musicians out there; technically brilliant, but instead of chin rubbing cleverness or ego wank, they generate  massive driving scapes bursting with uplifting energy.  Perfectly matched with this Jamie floods the space with images and light, bang in time with the music.  Like the best raves, we are submerged in sensory overload on a positive wave after wave.  If you need plugging into the good stuff, go get some.  

It was a privilege.    

Comp track bonanza

Well maybe not a bonanza of new stuff, but some remixes/ remastered versions of tracks.  Anyhow, we're honoured to be be on 3 new righteous comps.

2 are from the powerhouse of good things that is Afiach

The other is on a mighty piece of work put together by the force for good that is Devotional Hooligan Dizzy

Positive things going on.

HNY Comrades!

Well that was an interesting year.  Gurt BIG thanks to everyone who's come to gigs, put us on, bought / downloaded the EP, played us on their shows, helped and supported us.  This stuff only works if we help each other out and theres been loads of that in 2015.  Thanks.  Lots of highlights and loads to look forward to next year.  Always keen to play more and get out to different places, so give us a shout if you've got a cunning plan.  Hope yous are all doing OK.  Look forward to seeing you in 2016.

"When you think of all the more useful things you could do...."

We've been hoarding tunes for a while now, playing some of them live, keeping others under wraps.  There has been a pretty vigorous editing of whats good, whats not and ended up with 12-13 contenders.  We're heading into the studio (Owain at Stuiowz again) in Jan to start getting the basic tracks down.  The plan is then to work with various collaborators, play grow and mutate stuff until something good appears.  Jer will be there few surprises as well.  

At the end of this we'll release something LP shaped.  Vinyl?  CD?  Download?  Yous can help us decide.  There will be something hand made about what ever emerges.  It will be done by us.  It will be passionate and a step on from the EP.  I know its more unnecessary stuff on a planet with finite resources and that its unlikely to spark off an era of creative cooperation and increasing irrelevance of existing power structures hastening the final collapse of capitalism.  BUT it will be a spark.   


There is an almost unbearable amount of things going on which demand our attention, compassion and spark off all sorts of reactions driving us to want change.  How do we respond?  Liking, cutting and pasting posts on Fckbook?  Drowning in a sea of images of human animal and environmental horror and abuse?  Ignoring and hiding doesn't work.  Being permanently angry kills you.  Resisting abuse is vital, but exhausting.  Sharing information and showing up abuse where it happens is really positive.  But what do you do with that knowledge / emotion?

I've always liked the light a single candle thing.  I'm not great at it, but not having your agenda set by the powers that be and constantly being forced into reacting is one way of reclaiming our lives.  Choosing to do something creative that undermines their authority.  Something that takes the piss a bit.  Something small and doable.  Something that changes the power dynamic.

Maybe I'll do something useful tomorrow.  

New stuff.

Been writing some new tunes over the last few months.  Some of you will have seen them live.  Some have been evolving in the set for a while now.  Few more not far off.  

Writing and evolving tunes is one of the best bits of being in a band.  Who knows what will come out?  Its all about the dance.